Yogesh Agarwala

IIT MADRAS | Electrical Engineering'23
I'm a final-year undergraduate, pursuing B.Tech in Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras and an upcoming Software Engineer at Salesforce. I am a keen coder, passionate problem solver and a software development enthusiast.

Apart from this, I am currently working with Team Sahaay at Center For Innovation (CFI), IITM, to develop an Electronic Travel Aid that attempts to solve the real-life challenges faced by visually impaired people while travelling on the streets.

Covid-19 vaccine delivery priority | EY Techathon

Team TechHd - Meet the Team

Dec 2020 – Present

Here we have tried to help the government make informed decisions around epidemiological and vaccine supply circumstances by predicting India's more critical segments that need to be catered with vaccine deliveries as prior as possible.
● We went through various census report estimates, WHO reports, and other state websites to fetch and combine all these data features and made our datasets.
● We then run our ML clustering algorithms through all the features and load them into our ranking algorithms (considering several metrics and features) to determine the Importance and urgency of vaccine deliveries in each state.

Project Vision: Rediscovering Mobility For Blind

April 2020 - Present

The idea is to develop an Electronic Travel Aid for the Visually Challenged Peoples, to overcome the hurdles they face while using a traditional stick. It uses ultrasonic sensors and camera to detect obstacles through computer vision and then notifies the user about it through distinct vibratory patterns. And thus enables the user to determine a safe path without colliding with over-hanging and protruding objects. Further implementations of the device... will be:

  • Potholes detection:
    Pothole Detection can be done using ultrasonic sensor or an accelerometer sensor.
  • Water detection:
    We will use a water sensor that activates a distinct buzzer if it detects water.
  • Navigation:
    GPS+GSM module in the device will help in navigating from one place to other.
  • Locating the stick:
    Installing RF module in the device and then using a mobile application we can ring a buzzer on the stick which will them to find it.

Flipkart GRiD 2.0 | Robotics Challenge | Semi-Finalists

Autonomous Pick and Place Robot

June 2020 – Sept 2020

My team and I were among the 41 semi-finalists of the 1000+ teams that have participated.
We designed a versatile picking robot, which could pick various types of small items (<2kg) placed in different orientations from a grid of shelves and stow it into a designated area, without compromising on speed.

Javascript Scientific calculator

Last Updated: 23rd Sept 2020

This is an online javascript scientific calculator, designed and coded by me. The input can be a multiple function expression, just like a physical scientific calculator. The calculator is coded to handle almost all possible errors, e.g. it will automatically insert a multiplication sign if you forget to write one. The back button in the calculator is also designed to work smartly, e.g. if the back button is pressed after doing a calculation then it will act as a clear button and will delete the entire string from the input text area, but at other times it will delete only the last character from the input expression...
Below are a few examples of how the calculator intelligently interprets a user's inputs even if proper parenthesis or multiplication signs are not used, instead of displaying an error:

  • 15√(3+5!7π)sin(60°)^ln(log(5)e)7! → 15× √(3+5!×7×π) × sin(60°)ln(log(5)×e) × 7!
  • 3sin(60×4 → 3 × sin(60×4) → 3 × sin (240)
  • 3sin(60)4 → 3 × sin(60) ×4
  • 4²3²√(5+6 → 4²×3²×√(5+6).
  • 4²3²√(5)6 → 4²×3²×√(5) × 6
  • 4%3 → 4% × 3 → 0.04 × 3
  • 4^(3)πe → 43 × π × e
  • 4^(3πe) → 4(3×π×e)
  • 3!5 → 3! × 5

Interactive Snake Game

Last Updated: 15th July 2021

  • Press "Enter" to start the game
  • Use arrow keys of your keyboard to change the direction of the snake.
  • Explore the arena without bumping into walls.
  • Collect all the food you see, and grow your snake as big as you can imagine - there are no limits!

Autocomplete Search

Last Updated: 15th July 2021

  • Created a contact list webapp to implemenet autocomplete-search using Trie data structure.
  • Wrote a Suffix Trie class having 3 methods - insert, delete and search a contact number.
  • Used DFS algo to traverse the trie & find all phone numbers which begins with the typed digits.
  • Displayed all matching numbers in real-time using javascript, as soon as the user starts to type.

ChatList based on LRU-Cache

Last Updated: 15th July 2021

  • Implemented a chat list application using Least Recently Used (LRU) Cache class.
  • Used Linked list and HashMap Data structures to develop the caching system.
  • Inserted and retrieved key-value pairs from the chat list in constant time.
  • The most recently used (inserted or retrieved) key-pair value can also be accessed in O(1) time.

To-do webapp with Authentication

Last Updated: 15th Jan 2021

Currently working on it.

Local Video Transmission and Face Detection using RPi

Sept 2019 - Oct 2019

The aim of the project was transmitting video feed obtained from a web-camera using Raspberry Pi 3B, to a server far off using WiFi and the internet and then analysing the feed for Face detection.

IIT Madras TechSoc | Robotics Challenge

Micro Mouse Maze Challenge

Jan 2020 - Feb 2020

I was a member of our hostel team which participated in this inter-hostel autonomous robotics challenge at IIT Madras.
We used arduino and ultrasonic sensors to build an autonomous, self-contained robot, The Micromouse, capable of getting to the centre of a maze from any specified point.